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On this page, you'll find a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions, providing you with answers to help guide you through any queries you may have.

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Access - FAQ

How do I gain access to Lune AI Signals?

To gain access, sign up for Lune AI Signals on our website. After purchasing your subscription, you'll be directed to our exclusive Discord server where you can start receiving trading signals.

Why don't I have access yet?

Ensure you've followed the instructions sent to your email after purchase. Check your spam or junk folders if you haven't received an email. If the problem persists, contact

How long does it take to get access after purchasing?

Access should be immediate after purchasing and completing the sign-up process. If you do not receive access within an hour, please contact

Product Questions - FAQ

How does Lune AI Signals work?

Lune AI Signals uses sophisticated AI and machine learning technologies to analyze market data and provide automated trading signals. These signals are sent directly via Discord.

Is this a TradingView Indicator?

No, Lune AI Signals is a service providing automated trading signals for stocks and ETFs. It is not a TradingView Indicator. The Lune Indicators Suite, however, is integrated with TradingView.

Can these AI trading signals be used by new traders?

Yes, Lune AI Signals are designed to be user-friendly and accessible for both novice and experienced traders.

What types of AI trading signals are available?

Our service offers various signals including Scalp, Intraday, Day, and Swing trading signals to suit different trading styles.

Does it work with Stocks, Futures, Indices, Forex, or Cryptos?

Currently, Lune AI Signals focus on Stocks and ETFs. We are planning to expand to Futures, Indices, Forex, and Cryptos.

Can I use these AI trading signals to get funded by prop firms?

Yes, our signals are designed to support serious trading strategies, making them suitable for prop firm funding programs.

How does the AI and Machine Learning aspect help in trading?

Our AI and machine learning technologies analyze large data sets quickly, providing precise and timely trading signals. This helps remove emotional bias and supports disciplined trading decisions.

Can I receive buy and sell signals?

Yes, you can set up customized notifications for buy and sell signals via Discord.

Can I use it on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can access Lune AI Signals on any device with the Discord app.

If I'm completely new to trading, can I use the signals?

Yes, our signals are designed to be easy to understand and use, even for beginners. We recommend starting with a demo trading account to get familiar with the process.

How can I trust that your signals really work?

Our signals are backed by sophisticated AI and have been used successfully by many traders.

How frequently are the algorithms and signals updated?

Our algorithms are continuously updated in real-time with new data, ensuring that our trading signals remain accurate and relevant. This adaptive learning approach helps maintain high performance in changing market conditions.

Can I customize the types of signals I receive?

Yes, you can customize the types of signals you receive based on your trading style and preferences. Our Discord server allows you to manage notifications and select specific channels for different types of signals.

How do I receive the trading signals?

All trading signals are sent directly via Discord. You will receive real-time alerts for buy and sell signals, including entry, stop loss, and take profit levels.

How can I view the historical performance of Lune AI Signals?

We provide detailed historical performance reports that include metrics such as net returns, win rates, and compound annual growth rates. These reports are available to all our users and offer a comprehensive view of how our signals have performed over time.

Are the historical performance results guaranteed to predict future success?

While our historical performance reports provide valuable insights into our trading signals' past performance, it is important to note that past performance is not indicative of future results. Trading involves substantial risk, and it is essential to use our signals as part of a comprehensive trading strategy.

How transparent is Lune AI Signals about its performance?

At Lune Trading, we are committed to honesty and clarity. All of our trading signals and their outcomes are tracked, logged, and verifiable. We provide detailed backtest results and historical performance reports to ensure transparency.

What is backtesting and how does it benefit me?

Backtesting involves running a trading strategy against historical market data to evaluate its effectiveness. This process helps in understanding how the strategy would have performed in the past, which can provide insights into its potential future performance. Our backtesting results are based on rigorous data analysis and are made available to our users.

How reliable are the backtest results?

Our backtest results are generated using Lune Trading's proprietary algorithms and systems, which utilize machine learning models and quantitative analysis. These results are based on historical market data and are designed to simulate real trading conditions as closely as possible.

Subscription - FAQ

How does your subscription service work?

After confirming your order, you will receive an email with details on accessing our signals. Subscriptions are automatically renewed based on the chosen plan duration.

How do I reactivate my subscription?

Visit our pricing page and purchase your desired plan again. Ensure you log in using the email associated with your previous subscription.

How do I upgrade my subscription?

Log in to your account, click on your membership, and select 'Edit Subscription' to choose your preferred plan.

Will the price of my subscription ever change?

Your subscription price remains unchanged as long as you stay subscribed. Coupons used are only applicable to the initial subscription period.

Do you offer a free trial?

We do not offer a free trial.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel anytime by signing in on Whop and managing your subscription, or by emailing

How do I manage my subscription?

Manage your subscription at any time through your account settings on our website.

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