What Is Scalping?

Scalping is a trading strategy that involves making multiple trades on a daily basis with the goal of capturing small profits. Traders who use this approach, known as scalpers, may make anywhere from 10 to 100 or more trades per day in order to take advantage of even the smallest price movements. Scalping is attractive to traders because it exposes them to less risk while providing more frequent trading opportunities. This strategy is also appealing because it can help traders combat greed by focusing on minimal returns. However, it is important to note that scalping is a high-risk trading style that requires a significant amount of effort and discipline to be successful.


  • Provides frequent trading opportunities: Scalp traders can make many trades in a single day, providing a steady stream of potential profit opportunities.

  • Minimizes risk: Scalp traders aim for small profits, which means that the potential losses from any given trade are also small. This can help minimize the overall risk of the trading strategy.

  • Can be lucrative: Despite the small size of individual trades, the large number of trades made by scalp traders can lead to significant profits over time.


  • High-stress environment: Scalp trading requires traders to be constantly watching the market and making quick decisions, which can be stressful.

  • Requires a lot of attention and discipline: Scalp traders need to be disciplined and focused in order to be successful, as even small mistakes can lead to significant losses.

  • May not be suitable for all traders: Scalp trading may not be suitable for traders who are less comfortable with high levels of risk or who do not have the time and attention to devote to frequent trading.

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