Lune AI Signals is an advanced trading tool designed to provide precise, data-driven trading signals for stocks and ETFs. By leveraging cutting-edge machine learning techniques, our AI analyzes vast amounts of market data to predict market directions and generate actionable trading signals.

Key Features

  • Automated Trading Signals: Receive real-time alerts for stocks and ETFs directly on Discord. These signals include detailed information such as entry price, stop loss, target price, and AI confidence level.

  • Advanced Machine Learning: Our AI utilizes sophisticated machine learning techniques to analyze extensive datasets and predict market directions. This helps in generating high-accuracy signals.

  • Customizable Alerts: Tailor your notifications based on your trading style—scalp, intraday, or swing trading—and the specific equities you are interested in. This ensures you receive relevant alerts without unnecessary noise.

  • Transparency and Accuracy: We provide complete transparency with our signals, offering detailed backtest results and historical performance reports. Our AI Confidence metrics give you a clear understanding of the reliability of each signal.

  • Risk Management: Built-in features designed to help you manage your trades effectively. Each signal comes with predefined stop loss and take profit levels to help you protect your investments and secure profits.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Our signals are easy to trade and understand. Made easily accessible through Discord.

  • Supported Assets: Lune AI Signals supports a range of Stocks and Funds (ETFs). This broad coverage allows traders to diversify their trades effectively.

  • Extensive Backtesting: All our signals undergo rigorous backtesting to ensure reliability and effectiveness. The historical performance of each signal is tracked and made available to users.

  • Continuous Updates: Our AI algorithms are continuously updated with new data to maintain high accuracy and relevance. This ensures that you always have access to the latest and most effective trading signals.

  • AI Confidence Score: Each signal is accompanied by an AI Confidence score, presented as a percentage, reflecting the likelihood of the signal's success based on historical data and current market conditions.


  • Data-Driven Decisions: Rely on objective, AI-generated signals to inform your trading decisions, reducing emotional bias and enhancing decision-making.

  • Timely Alerts: Stay ahead of the market with instant notifications, allowing you to act quickly on trading opportunities.

  • Enhanced Risk Management: Utilize provided levels for entry, stop loss, and targets to manage your risk and protect your investments.

  • Supports All Traders: Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, our signals are designed to be useful and accessible to everyone, helping you improve your trading performance.

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