Update Logs



  • New & Improved Algorithms: Introduced a new V2 Algorithm and updated the V1 Algorithm.

  • Improved Performance: Combined strategies from V1 and V2 for enhanced performance.

  • Improved Risk Management: Enhanced stop loss and take profit logic for better risk management.

  • Multi-Target Signals: Some signals now include two target levels.


  • Improved Robustness: Enhanced logic and optimizations to increase robustness and reduce noise.

  • Updated Design: Added dynamic time information to all signals.

  • Faster Signals: Reduced delays for quicker signal generation.

  • Increased Signal Frequency: More signals.

Bug Fixes

  • Dataset Improvements: Fixed issues related to the dataset.

  • Optimization Tweaks: Minor adjustments were made to our optimization algorithms.



  • Stock Scalp Signals: Now available for NVDA, AAPL, and TSLA

  • Backtest Data: Backtest results and historical performances are now linked in all signals.


  • Signal and Algorithm Enhancements: Improvements made across all signals and algorithms for enhanced performance.

  • Advanced Risk Management: Upgraded for more effective risk control.


Bug Fixes

  • Signal Stability: Signals are back up and running smoothly after resolving issues encountered during infrastructure and system updates. As compensation for any inconvenience, all users have been credited with 10 extra free days.



  • AI-Powered Precision: Advanced AI and machine learning for more accurate trading signals.

  • Tailored for S&P 500 Trading: Optimized for scalp, intraday, and swing trading in the S&P 500. More markets coming soon!

  • Emotion-Free Trading: AI ensures objective, data-driven trading decisions, eliminating emotional bias.

  • Backed by Big Data: Extensively backtested and supported by comprehensive data.

  • Transparent and Trustworthy: Signals are straightforward and reliable, prioritizing honesty and clarity.

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