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  • Market Peak: Newly introduced tool for detecting potential market tops and bottoms.

  • Liquidity Pulse: Offers a unique perspective into the inflow and outflow of an asset's liquidity.

  • Institutional Wave: New feature that monitors cumulative money influx and outflow for specific tickers.

  • Power Wave: Freshly introduced feature that highlights the strength and momentum of a ticker's trend.

  • Market Pressure: Newly developed tool for identifying shifts in market pressure.

  • Oscillator Copilot: Includes Smart Bias and Reversal Radar tools, helping you detect market trends and potential reversals more effectively.

  • Alerts: Real-time alerts now available for all new features.


  • Regular and Hidden Divergence Detection: Enhanced for improved performance.

  • Trend Oscillator: Improved formula and calculations for more accurate trend analysis.

  • Alert System: Updated for improved real-time performance and notification efficiency.

  • Money Pulse: Money Flow has been renamed as Money Pulse for more intuitive usage.

  • AOE: Removed from the suite.

  • MA-2: Removed from the suite.



  • Added Bullish/Bearish Divergence lines to help users visualize market divergences.

  • Added green and red dogs to the chart to indicate potential reversals and overbought/oversold market conditions.



  • Advanced Overbought/Oversold Zones

  • Advanced Money Flow

  • Advanced Trend Oscillator

  • Advanced Volume

  • Regular and Hidden Divergence Detection

  • Built-in Themes

  • Advanced Settings

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