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Lune Strategies Premium is an advanced tool for TradingView, designed to help you make strategic trading decisions. It combines top-notch strategies and real-time insights, giving you a unique perspective on how to approach the markets. You can automate your trades using this indicator.

At its core are the Signal Modes. These modes match your trading style, whether you prefer following trends with the Confirmation mode or like taking opposite positions with the Contrarian mode.

The Auto Backtester is a standout feature, automatically checking hundreds of strategies for you. This makes finding successful strategies easy and straightforward. This is a Lune Trading exclusive, and cannot be found anywhere on TradingView.

The Strategy Dashboard gives you a clear, real-time view of your strategy's performance. It shows key numbers like Net Profit %, Win Rate, and Max Drawdown %, keeping you updated on how your strategy is doing.

For finer strategy control, the Trade Conditions Filters let you fine-tune your entry and exit points. They use special algorithms to look at market conditions, trend strength, and more, helping you focus on the best trading opportunities.

The Time Filters are perfect if you're interested in timing your trades. They let you choose trades based on specific days or market sessions, aligning with the global market's rhythm and improving your strategy's flexibility.

The Trade Management settings help manage your risk and maximize gains. You can set your risk level, decide on risk-to-reward ratios, and even use a Trailing Stop Loss for a comprehensive approach to your trades.

Lune Strategies Premium stands as a unique and independent tool within our collection. Designed to function autonomously, it operates best when used separately from our other Premium Indicator Suite offerings. For optimal performance and clarity in analysis, we suggest utilizing Lune Strategies Premium on its own, rather than integrating it with the broader suite.


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Learn more about Lune Strategies Premium's built-in alert system that allows users to receive multiple TradingView alerts with a single alert. Including the support for Third-Party Applications and Trade Automation.


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