Trade Conditions Filters/Sensitivity


Trade Conditions Filters act as the gatekeepers to your trading strategy, ensuring only the most fitting trades pass through. By integrating these filters, you ensure that your trading strategy remains focused on high-quality trades, minimizing the risk of getting caught in unfavorable market conditions. The wide array of conditions available provides traders with an unmatched level of customization, allowing them to sculpt their strategy to match their vision perfectly.


Settings (User Input)Description

Trust Factor

Filter trades based on Trust Factor's sentiment.

Enhanced Trend

Filter trades based on Enhanced Trend's sentiment.

Market Strength

Filter trades based on Market Strength's sentiment.

Predictive Trend

Filter trades based on Predictive Trend's sentiment.

Parallel Trend

Filter trades based on Parallel Trend's sentiment.

Momentum Trend

Filter trades based on Momentum Trend's sentiment.

Money Flow

Filter trades based on Money Flow's sentiment.

Market Pressure

Filter trades based on Market Pressure's sentiment.

Smart Flow

Filter trades based on Smart Flow's sentiment.

Smart Score

Filter trades based on Smart Score's sentiment.

Trend Strength

Filter trades based on Trend Strength's sentiment.

How To Use

  1. Determine Your Strategy Focus: Before diving into the filters, identify the primary goal of your trading strategy. Are you focused on momentum trading, trend following, or perhaps counter-trend trading? Your chosen approach will influence the filters you should apply.

  2. Navigate to Trade Conditions Filters: On the Lune Trading platform, find the section labeled 'Trade Conditions Filters', typically situated in the strategy configuration or settings area.

  3. Activate Desired Filters:

    • Trust Factor: Best for traders who give importance to volume analysis. Turn on this filter if you want your trades to align with the prevailing volume bias.

    • Enhanced Trend: For trend followers, this filter ensures trades sync with the identified trend.

    • Market Strength: If you emphasize overall market health, use this filter to sync with the market's perceived strength.

    • Predictive Trend: These are valuable for traders who aim to capitalize on upcoming trend changes, allowing them to get in early.

    • Parallel Trend: Useful for traders seeking to leverage potential trend transitions and position themselves advantageously.

    • Momentum Trend: If you're a momentum trader, this filter ensures you're on the right side of the market's momentum.

    • Money Flow: If capital inflow and outflow analysis is crucial to your strategy, employ these filters to ensure your trades mirror the money movement.

    • Market Pressure: Helpful for traders who gauge trade decisions based on the buying and selling pressures in the market.

    • Smart Flow: For traders for whom capital movement analysis is vital, this filter ensures your trades reflect the financial flows.

    • Smart Score: Ideal for those who rely on a mix of volume, price action, and balances to make decisions.

    • Trend Strength: Ensure your trades mirror the current trend's potency, be it strong or weak.

  4. Adjust Filter Sensitivity: Allow of these filters allow you to modify their sensitivity. Adjusting this can make the filter more stringent or lenient, depending on your strategy's needs.

  5. Combine Filters for Enhanced Precision: Don't hesitate to activate multiple filters simultaneously. This can help weed out even more undesirable trades. However, ensure they align logically and don't counteract one another.

  6. Test Before Committing: After setting up your desired filters, perform backtesting or paper trading to gauge their efficacy. Adjust and refine as necessary.

  7. Stay Updated: The market's nature is ever-evolving. Periodically review and tweak the filters to ensure they remain in tune with current market conditions.

In essence, Trade Conditions Filters offer traders a powerful means to fine-tune their strategies. By intelligently and strategically employing these filters, traders can boost the quality of their trades, leading to potentially more consistent and profitable outcomes.

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