Update Logs



  • Auto Backtester: Updated error message for enhanced clarity and user understanding.

Bug Fixes

  • Auto Backtester: Addressed and resolved an issue affecting the functionality of the Auto Backtester with futures tickers.



  • Dashboard Redesign: Revamped interface for a more streamlined and aesthetic user experience.


  • Improved Trading Alerts: Improvements made to our built-in advanced TradingView alerts system.

  • Trade Condition Fix: Resolved issues with the Trend Strength Trade Condition functionality.

  • Trade Stats Accuracy: Improved the calculations used in Trade Statistics for better risk evaluation.

  • Buy/Sell Signals Label Fix: Fixed bugs associated with the Buy/Sell Signal label placement.

  • Auto Backtester Visual Tweaks: Addressed minor graphical glitches in the Auto Backtester for a cleaner presentation.

  • Probability Enhancements for Take Profit: Improved the accuracy of Take Profit levels' probability calculations for more reliable forecasting.

  • User Interface Adjustment: Moved Auto Backtest settings down to a more accessible location based on user feedback.



  • Auto Backtesting: Introducing a feature that lets you automatically backtest an infinite amount of trading strategies and combinations.


  • The maximum number of Take Profit Levels has been reduced to 3.

  • Various bug fixes, enhancements, and optimizations have been implemented.

  • Updated Strategy Dashboard's visuals, and added additional customizations.



  • New Market Session time filter.


  • Improved settings format.

  • Removed "RE - Beta", "MS - Beta", and "SRT - Beta" from the settings.

  • Removed Color Themes from the settings.

  • Addressed the Indicator loading issue stemming from TradingView's update.

  • Resolved the "quantity for entry or order must be a positive number less or equal to" error.



  • Trade Conditions Filter/Sensitivity: A groundbreaking feature designed to filter specific trades and enhance the quality of executed trades. This innovation offers users a high degree of customization. Filters include:

    • Trust Factor

    • Enhanced Trend

    • Market Strength

    • Predictive Trend

    • Parallel Trend

    • Momentum Trend

    • Money Flow

    • Market Pressure

    • Smart Flow

    • Smart Score

    • Trend Strength

  • Probability % Display for Take Profit Levels: Introducing a mechanism that provides an estimated probability of a specific take profit level being reached.

  • Trailing Stop Loss: By popular demand, this feature empowers users to exit trades earlier, thereby mitigating potential losses.



  • Alert Configurations: Introducing settings such as "Order fills and alert() function calls", "Order fills only", and "alert() function calls only".

  • Statistics Dashboard: A comprehensive panel displaying metrics like Net Profit %, # Closed Trades, Win Rate %, Profit Factor, Max Drawdown %, Avg Trade Profit %, and Avg # Bars in Trade.

  • Counter Trade Mode: An innovative feature that swaps buy signals with sell signals. This can transform unprofitable strategies into profitable ones.

  • "Signals" Exit Method: Enables trades based purely on the signals, bypassing Risk:Reward configurations and the specified number of take profit levels.


  • Live Trade Labels & Levels: Addressed scaling problems associated with live trade displays.



  • Custom Alerts: Enhanced notification capabilities tailored to your preferences.

  • Automated Trading Compatibility: Integration now available for popular trading platforms.


  • Trading System: Comprehensive refinements and enhancements for better performance.

  • TP/SL Display: Resolved visual discrepancies with Take Profit/Stop Loss values.

  • Entry Alerts: Addressed a critical issue preventing users from receiving entry notifications.



  • Strategy Selector: Features strategies such as 'Lune - Confirmations', 'RE - Beta', 'MS - Beta', and 'SRT Beta'.

  • Advanced Settings: Allows users to control the sensitivity and frequency of strategy signals.

  • Built-in Time Filter: An integrated feature for time-based filtering.

  • Built-in Trade Management System: An internal system dedicated to managing trades.

  • Highly Customizable Alerts: Offers flexibility in setting up alerts as per user preferences.

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