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Lune Technical Analysis Premium is a revolutionary Premium TradingView indicator that integrates a blend of ICT, Smart Money Concepts, Institutional Concepts, and Technical Analysis to deliver unparalleled market analysis. It's a tool that stands out for its use of price action and volume to power many of its concepts, offering an advanced, comprehensive approach to understanding market dynamics. Designed from the ground up, this tool is tailored to assist users in dissecting and interpreting market behaviors with exceptional precision and depth.

Key Features of Lune Technical Analysis Premium:

  1. Chart Pattern Detection: Employs sophisticated algorithms to automatically identify and illustrate key chart patterns, aiding in the prediction of potential market movements.

  2. Liquidity-Based Trendlines: Innovative trendlines that focus on liquidity in the market, offering unique insights into potential market movements and trader behavior.

  3. Exclusive Liquidity Bubbles: A unique feature that identifies significant market positions and trapped traders, providing insights into underlying market forces.

  4. Exclusive Liquidity Waves: Combines price action and volume activity to detect specific types of liquidity, crucial for identifying market reversals and high-probability breakout trades.

  5. Accumulation/Distribution Detection: Tracks and displays real-time phases of market accumulation and distribution, offering insights into bullish and bearish market conditions.

  6. Market Structure Analysis: A comprehensive set of methods to understand the market's underlying trends and patterns, including the identification of significant highs and lows, and potential reversal points.

  7. Real-Time Order Block Detection: Automatically detects and illustrates Order Blocks in real-time, enhancing market analysis with volume data within these zones.

  8. Real-Time Supply/Demand Zones Detection: Identifies and plots Supply/Demand Zones on the chart, providing insights into significant areas of support and resistance.

  9. Advanced Fair Value Gaps: Features a built-in quality filter to focus on significant Fair Value Gaps, offering users a potential edge in market analysis.

  10. Advanced Market Session Analysis: Visualizes trading sessions and incorporates half and volume-based key levels for each session, aiding in the detailed analysis of volume distribution and market behavior during specific periods.

Lune Technical Analysis Premium stands as a comprehensive solution for traders seeking to harness advanced technological innovation and in-depth market insights. Its user-centric design and array of powerful features make it an essential tool for anyone looking to conduct thorough and informed market analysis.


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