TradingView offers a built-in alert system, it is a useful feature that allows you to stay up to date on significant changes or movements in the market. We allow users to receive a large variety of customized alerts for our tools and features.

Any Alert() Function Call

Lune Technical Analysis Premium has a built-in alert system that allows users to set up multiple alert conditions using just a single TradingView alert. Users can configure this system within the settings of the indicator.


Patterns Detection

Triggers when any Chart Pattern is displayed.

Trendline: Up

Triggers when a 'Up' Trendline is displayed.

Trendlines: Down

Triggers when a 'Down' Trendline is displayed.

How To Use

  1. Open your indicators settings and navigate to the alerts section:

  2. Enable the alerts that you would like to use:

  1. Create a TradingView alert, set the condition to "Any alert() function call", and Customize your settings:

  2. Create the alert:

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