Market Previous Highs/Lows


The Market Previous Highs/Lows feature is a valuable tool for traders and analysts looking to track and display previous significant market levels. It offers comprehensive support for various timeframes, including daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly highs and lows. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who seek to understand and analyze historical market peaks and lows, providing a clear perspective on past market performance.


You can enable the Market Previous Highs/Lows feature in your indicator settings:

Market Previous Highs/Lows SettingsDescription


Displays previous day's highs/lows.


Displays previous week's highs/lows.


Displays previous month's highs/lows.


Displays previous quarter's highs/lows.


Displays previous year's highs/lows.

Show Current Only

Displays the most recent highs/lows.

Show Text

Displays text for previous highs/lows.

Best Practices & Usage

  • Determine Relevant Timeframes: Choose the timeframes that are most relevant to your trading strategy. For short-term traders, daily and weekly highs/lows might be more pertinent, while long-term investors may focus on monthly, quarterly, or yearly data.

  • Contextual Analysis: Use the previous highs and lows as context for current market conditions. Understanding where these points lie in relation to current prices can offer insights into potential resistance or support levels.

  • Risk Management: Incorporate previous highs and lows into your risk management strategy. These levels can be useful for setting stop-loss orders or for identifying potential exit points.

  • Historical Comparisons: Compare current market conditions with historical highs and lows to assess market sentiment and potential turning points.


This example shows the Previous Daily High functions as a key-level in the market.

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