Order Blocks


Order Blocks is a cutting-edge feature meticulously crafted to automatically identify and illustrate Order Blocks on your trading charts, profoundly enriching market analysis. This tool boasts an advanced activity functionality, capable of computing real-time volume within these zones, thereby offering an intricate understanding of market dynamics. It also integrates a strength activity feature, which evaluates the potency and significance of each Order Block. This dual analysis provides invaluable insights into market sentiment and potential future market shifts, making it a critical tool for informed trading.

Advanced Activity

The Advanced Activity feature is pivotal in deciphering the activity that occurred within the Order Blocks. It imparts a clear understanding of the volume's significance within each block. A 'Low' volume indication may suggest that the Order Block holds less significance, implying that substantial market players, like institutions, may not be actively buying or selling at these levels. Conversely, a 'High' volume signifies importance, indicating historically significant trading activity at these levels. Additionally, the feature includes a strength meter, offering a visual representation of an Order Block's strength - a thin meter indicates weakness, while a broader meter denotes strength.


You can enable the Order Blocks feature in your indicator settings:

Order Blocks SettingsDescription

Calculation Mode

Chooses how Order Blocks are displayed. - Real-time: Shows Order Blocks as they happen. - Confirmed: Displays Order Blocks after confirmation.

Maximum Order Blocks

Sets the limit for displaying Order Blocks.

Order Blocks 1

Choose the timeframe for viewing Order Blocks 1.

Order Blocks 2

Choose the timeframe for viewing Order Blocks 1.

Advanced Activity

Shows volume & strength activity within Order Blocks.

Hide Overlaps

Hides overlapping Order Blocks.

Quality Filter

Filters out insignificant Order Blocks.

Key Level

Shows key levels within Order Blocks. Disabled: Turns off key level display. - Middle: Shows key levels at the Order Block's middle. - Average: Shows key levels based on average price action.

Show Text

Displays text for Order Blocks.

Best Practices & Usage

  • Identifying Key Market Levels: Utilize Order Blocks to pinpoint crucial market levels where large orders are anticipated. These areas frequently serve as potent support or resistance zones.

  • Volume Analysis within Order Blocks: Conduct an in-depth analysis of the volume data within each Order Block. A high volume in these zones often signals strong market interest, potentially leading to significant price movements.

  • Evaluating Zone Strength: Employ the strength activity feature to gauge the resilience of each Order Block. Zones with higher strength ratings typically exert greater influence on market trends and can be instrumental in market trajectory.

  • Integration with Other Analysis Tools: Enhance your market analysis by combining Order Blocks with other technical indicators and methods. This comprehensive approach fosters more accurate and dependable trading decisions.

  • Incorporating into Risk Management: Strategically integrate Order Blocks into your risk management planning. Utilizing these zones can be crucial for setting strategic stop-loss orders, particularly as they represent significant market levels.

  • Historical Performance Analysis: Review past market interactions with these zones to glean insights into potential future price reactions and trends.

  • Contextual Market Analysis: Always assess Order Blocks within the broader market context, including ongoing trends, economic developments, and global events. This wider perspective is essential for a more sophisticated understanding of market dynamics.


This example shows how Order Blocks can work as a key level of support or resistance.

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