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  • Clarity AI: Enhanced machine learning capabilities and sentiment analysis for more precise Clarity AI Ratings.

  • Swift Trend: Enhanced algorithm for improved trend identification and analysis.

  • Ultra Trend: Enhanced algorithm for improved trend identification and analysis.

  • Vision Pulse: Enhanced algorithm for improved market trend signaling.

  • Trade Copilot's Smart Bias: Improved for more accurate market sentiment analysis.



  • Vision Pulse: A leading indicator designed to signal potential trend changes, giving you an early heads-up on market movements.

  • Trade Exits: Offering intelligent suggestions for optimal trade exit points, helping you secure profits with precision.

  • Advanced Signal Algorithms: Filters out noise and enhances Confirmation signals with a powerful algorithm for more accuracy.

  • Enhanced Dashboard: Now includes 'Market Sentiment', providing deeper insights into the overall mood of the market.

  • Versatile Candle Coloring Options: Color-code your charts with options like Market Sentiment, Market Strength, Institutional Activity, and Clarity AI for a vivid market overview.


  • Clarity AI: Supercharged with improved trend prediction capabilities and accuracy.

  • Feature Remastering: Key features like Swift Trend, Ultra Trend, Surge Flow, and Reversal Clouds have been completely revamped. They are now more dynamic, adaptable to any market conditions, and powered by Machine Learning.

  • Indicator Renaming: 'Lune Algo' has been renamed to 'Lune Market Analysis' to better reflect its comprehensive capabilities.

  • Dashboard: We've refined the dashboard components for an enhanced user experience.

  • Signal Labels Update: Simplified signals with intuitive Up/Down arrows for better clarity.

  • Dashboard Components: Removed Selected Mode, Market State, Current Session, Volume Pressure, Multi Timeframe Dashboard Components.

  • Color Themes: Removed.

  • Dynamic Features: Removed.



  • Improvements and bug fixes were made to the alert system.



  • Trade Copilot: Innovative trading assistant with Smart Bias and Reversal Radar tools for crucial market moments.

  • Dynamic Features: Intelligent functionality that adapts Aura Flow, Swift Trend, and Ultra Trend according to your signal preferences.

  • Aura Flow: New tool for tracking long-term market trends and pinpointing support and resistance levels.

  • Clarity AI: Former Confidence AI, now significantly improved. Uses machine learning to rate signals based on historical chart data.

  • Reversal Clouds: Upgraded from Reversal Bands. Improved algorithm for potential reversal detection and support/resistance identification.

  • Swift Trend: The new Turbo Trend, with enhanced algorithms for effective short-term trend tracking.

  • Ultra Trend: Enhanced to track long-term market trends more accurately.

  • Dashboard: Overhauled with a new design and additional components for a comprehensive market overview.

  • Contrarian Signals: Improved algorithm for more accurate signal generation.

  • Alerts: New real-time alerts across all features.


  • Confirmation Signals: Enhanced algorithm for more efficient signal generation.

  • Alert System: Upgraded for better performance.

  • Color Themes: Enhanced for improved user experience.

  • Signal Autopilot: Adjustments made for smoother operation.

  • Rebranding: Turbo Trend is now Swift Trend; Reversal Bands are now Reversal Clouds; Confidence AI is now Clarity AI.

  • EK Clouds: Removed from the suite.

  • Engulfing Signals: Removed from the suite.

  • Reversal Signals: Removed from the suite.

  • Color Themes 'None' Option: Removed from the suite.



  • New "Turbo Trend" tool: Turbo Trend Is an enhanced Trend Following tool. It is efficient at indicating the short-term market direction. It also doubles as a support/resistance level tool. This feature is great for adding an extra layer of confluence and confidence to your trades and is essential for trend traders.

  • New "Ultra Trend" tool: Ultra Trend is also an enhanced Trend Following tool. This feature is intended for indicating the long-term market direction. Much like the Turbo Trend indicator it also displays key support/resistance levels. This feature is also great for adding an extra layer of confluence and confidence to your trades and is essential for trend traders.

  • New alerts for the new "Ultra Trend" and "Turbo Trend" tools.


  • Removed "VRAY" feature: Most users are not utilizing this feature, will be replaced with a better more useful feature in the future.



  • New "Minimum Confidence Level" setting that allows users to filter out low confidence level buy/sell signals and alerts.

  • New 'Any alert() function call' alert setting that allows users to receive multiple alerts at once with just a single TradingView alert.


  • Visual improvements made to the Reversal Clouds. They are now gradient.



  • Visual improvements made to the EK Clouds. They are now gradient.

  • Transparency added to buy and sell labels.



Visual improvements made to the dashboard.


  • Fixed a bug where users were unable to disable the dashboard.



  • Signal Type: Contrarian. This new mode has been added for users who like to trade against the trend and like to catch major moves long before they happen.

  • Autopilot Mode has been added for Confirmation Signals. This will automatically adapt and optimize Lune's Confirmation Signals to the most optimal settings.


  • Lune's Confirmation Algorithm has been massively improved. It is now capable of entering trades earlier while staying in winning trades longer. Trade filtering has also been massively improved(filters out more bad trades).

  • Removed 'Plot Lune-Confirmation'

  • Removed 'RE - Beta' Strategy - Moved to Lune Strategies Premium

  • Removed 'MS- Beta' Strategy - Moved to Lune Strategies Premium

  • Removed 'SRT- Beta' Strategy - Moved to Lune Strategies Premium



  • The Lune Dashboard has now gotten a major upgrade. It now displays MTF(Multiple Time Frames) Trends, Market State, Market Volatility, Smart Money Activity, and the Current Session/Time zone. Alongside major visual improvements.


  • Trade Statistics/Lune Statistics now requires the Take Profit/Stop Loss system to be enabled in order to appear on the chart.

  • Removed Support/Resistance Zones, a better version is now available and has been moved to Lune Technical Analysis Premium.



  • Improvements made to script loading speed.

  • More efficient math calculations.

  • Removed Divergence.


  • Bug Fixes made to the Dashboard.

  • Fewer errors.



  • Improvements made to the alert system



  • "Strategy Quality" added to the "Trade Statistics" dashboard. This unique feature automatically calculates if a strategy is profitable by calculating the risk-reward breakeven percentage.


  • Reduced the noise in the Take Profit/Stop Loss system by only showing the most recent TP.

  • Reworked the candle coloring system.



  • You can now create buy and sell alerts for any strategy on TradingView.

  • Added none as an option to "Dashboard Location" setting. (Disables it)

  • Added none as an option to the "Color Theme" setting. (Disables it)


  • Improvements and bug fixes made to the "Color candles based on Trade" setting.



  • Advanced Buy and Sell Signals

  • Exclusive built-in Strategies

  • Lune Confidence AI

  • EK Clouds

  • Reversal Bands

  • Vray ( Volume Ray)

  • Divergence Signals

  • Reversal Signals

  • Support/Resistance Zones

  • Built-in Themes

  • Built-in Risk Management system (take profit/stop loss)

  • Trade Statistics

  • Trade Assistance

  • Trade Dashboard

  • Advanced Settings

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