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Lune Oscillator Premium is an advanced indicator meticulously crafted to provide an alternative and enriched perspective on the market. It extends beyond traditional volume and price action analysis by integrating powerful oscillators and proprietary formulas to unveil key market dynamics.

A cornerstone of Lune Oscillator Premium is the Trend Oscillator, an innovative tool that enhances traditional wave trend concepts. Our unique formula combines momentum and trend data into a single oscillator, offering a comprehensive understanding of market movements.

The suite of features further includes Money Peak, Money Pulse, Liquidity Pulse, Institutional Wave, Power Wave, and Market Pressure. Each of these tools offers distinct insights, capturing different facets of market activity to provide you with a holistic picture of current market conditions.

For additional assistance, the Oscillator Copilot feature provides easy-to-understand, yet crucial information at a glance, helping you navigate the market with greater confidence.

Another integral feature is our advanced Divergence Detection. This feature aids in identifying potential market turning points by pinpointing divergences between price action and oscillator readings - a vital tool in any trader's arsenal.

In summary, Lune Oscillator Premium is more than an indicator; it is a comprehensive toolkit that delivers unparalleled insights into the market. It combines innovative oscillators, unique formulas, and user-friendly features to offer a richer understanding of market dynamics, empowering you to make well-informed trading decisions.


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