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Trend Oscillator


The Trend Oscillator is the main oscillator in the Lune Oscillator Premium indicator. It mirrors the properties of the WaveTrend Oscillator. This feature aids you in capturing market momentum and trends, alongside identifying potential reversal points. Operating as a versatile oscillator, Trend Oscillator provides valuable insights into market trends, empowering you to make informed decisions.


Our settings let you adjust how sensitive the Trend Oscillator is to market trends and changes. Essentially, these settings allow you to determine the speed that the Trend Oscillator picks up changes in trends:

Sensitivity (Dropdown Options)Description


Quickly detects short-term market trends and momentum.


Quickly detects mid-term market trends and momentum.


Quickly detects long-term market trends and momentum.

Velocity (Dropdown Options)Description


Slowly detects short-term market trends and momentum.


Slowly detects long-term market trends and momentum.

How To Use

Utilizing the Trend Oscillator feature can significantly enhance your market analysis. Here's how to leverage its benefits:

  1. Market Momentum: The direction of the Trend Oscillator can provide a quick visual indication of the current market momentum.

  2. Identify Reversals: The Trend Oscillator can help spot potential market reversals. When the oscillator begins to turn into a darker color, it could indicate a possible shift in the market direction.

  3. Confirmation Tool: Combine the Trend Oscillator with other tools or features to confirm potential trading signals, increasing the robustness of your trading strategy.

With the Trend Oscillator feature, you gain a versatile tool that can precisely gauge market trends, momentum and highlight potential reversal points, facilitating a more insightful market analysis.


This example shows how the Trend Oscillator can be used to detect market trends, alongside detecting shifts in the trend and momentum of the market.

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