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Candle Coloring


Candle Coloring is a feature designed to visually represent price action on charts by coloring the candles based on specific conditions. This tool significantly enhances chart analysis, making it easier to quickly identify bullish and bearish movements. By simplifying the process of understanding market sentiment, Candle Coloring aids traders in swiftly grasping the dynamics of market trends at a glance.


You can enable the Candle Coloring feature in your indicator settings:

Candle Coloring (Dropdown Options)Description


Leaves your candles uncolored.

Market Structure

Colors your candles based on the Market Structures direction.

Best Practices & Usage

  • Interpreting Colored Candles: Accurately interpret the significance of the candle colors. If the coloring method is trend-based, for example, a change from red to green candles might indicate a shift to a bullish trend. Understanding these color cues is crucial for quick market analysis.

  • Incorporating into Trading Strategies: Utilize Candle Coloring to inform and enhance your trading decisions. The color shifts in candles can provide clear indications of potential trend reversals, aiding in more effective timing for entries and exits.

  • Combination with Other Analytical Tools: While Candle Coloring offers a visually intuitive way to assess market sentiment, it should ideally be used in conjunction with our other technical analysis tools and indicators. This combination ensures a comprehensive approach to market analysis.

  • Customization for Clarity: Tailor the Candle Coloring settings to suit your preferences and trading style. Choose colors that you find most visually distinct and intuitive to enhance your chart analysis experience.


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